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Sydney family left shocked by ‘disgusting’ fine

A Sydney family has been fined for leaving their car window down while it was parked at home.

Richelle’s husband’s car was parked in front of the house with the window down and her husband in the garden.

However, a police officer noticed the open window and issued a $112 fine.

Around 1000 motorists a year are stung by the rule that states if a driver is more than three metres from the car, and no one is inside, all windows must be secured and all doors locked.

An exception to the rule allows the window to be cracked no more than two centimetres.

Richelle told Ben Fordham she wanted to warn people of the rule she didn’t know existed.

“The police officer said, ‘What if there was a wallet on your front seat?’ Which there wasn’t.

“I have police officers as friends and they’ve rung me saying ‘this is disgusting.'”

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Image: Getty