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‘Superman’ visits nursing home to bring joy to lonely residents

‘Superman’ Chris Stanley is putting his talents to good use – heroically combating loneliness one pair of spandex undies at a time.

Mr Stanley, AKA ‘Cosplay Chris’, has been surprising nursing home residents in Sydney’s south with an impromptu performance.

He tells Deborah Knight he was inspired by his parents, who were touring a bird show around nursing homes before the lockdown: a moment of joy he was eager to replicate.

“It was a good distraction for them, considering what’s going on, and the protocols in place at the moment the restrictions.”

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After watching a screening of a Superman film, Chris pranked the residents by drawing back the curtains for a real-life superhero dance-off.

“I got the best reactions from everyone, they were so revved up.”

“[I was] having a bit of a pose off with the gents – they quite frankly gave me a run for my money, even though I had a muscle suit on!”

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