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Stunning sunset sent in from country Australia

Jane from Hillston in western New South Wales sent Ray Hadley this photo of Tuesday’s sunset.

The incredible shot was taken on a mobile phone after a scorching 43° day on the farm.

The Riverina property is just outside of Hillston which has a population of just 1,099.

Jane’s 19-year-old son Billy has been calling Ray since he was a little boy, describing farm life to all the city listeners.

After hearing about his mum’s photo, Billy called in from a mine near Cobar where he now lives and works.

Ray, “I’m telling you now, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better sunset in a photograph. Has she got a proper camera?”

Billy, “No, she only has a phone. She doesn’t have a camera.”

Click PLAY below to hear Billy’s call and Jane’s email about her incredible photo

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