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Students call famous explorer a racist and want to decolonise campus

Radical university students are raging a campaign to tear down the statue of famous Australian explorer William Charles Wentworth.

A group of University of Sydney students have formed a campaign called “Wentworth Must Fall”.

The campaign wants to see the removal of Wentworth’s statue on the university grounds, claiming he was a known racist and a fraud.

Along with pulling down the statute, the campaign wants the Wentworth building to be renamed and to see a “decolonisation” of the campus, claiming “the University of Sydney must own up to its colonial history”.

The great-great-great-grandson of William Wentworth, Stephen Wentworth, tells Ben Fordham he’s a bit upset with the campaign.

“If you white-wash history you can’t learn from it.

“You’ve got to acknowledge the past to change the future.”

William Wentworth was also a barrister and a politician and helped found Sydney University and established a newspaper.

“Without those efforts that he made… the students would not only not have a university to make these accusations and claims from…

“They also wouldn’t have the free press to make them in the first place,” says Stephen.

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