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‘Stop whingeing’: Peta Credlin calls out Barnaby Joyce

Peta Credlin has slammed Barnaby Joyce after he complained he was struggling to make ends meet on his $211,000 salary.

The backbencher was attempting to explain why he’s calling for an increase to unemployment benefits when he claimed it’s even hard for him to support two families on his salary.

But political commentator Peta Credlin says the comments simply painted him as being incredibly out of touch with the everyday Australian.

“I don’t have any sympathy for Barnaby putting his hand up on this issue.

“He has four staff, he has a ministerial or an electorate allowance close to $50,000. So he’s on nearly $270,000.

“My heart bleeds for you mate.

“He should stop whingeing… he’s just reminding people why he’s no longer deputy prime minister.”

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Image of Barnaby Joyce: Getty / Tracey Nearmy

Image of Peta Credlin: Getty / Scott Barbour



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