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‘Stop talking about it’: Alan Jones blasts pill testing debate

As a coronial inquest into the drug-related deaths of six young people at NSW music festivals continues, Alan Jones has called for an end to the debate on pill testing.

Some groups are calling for state governments to implement pill testing at music festivals to deter people from taking potentially lethal drugs.

But Alan Jones has called the initiative “a complete waste of time”, as forensic toxicologists can’t always confirm a drug’s ingredients, even in a lab.

“What happens if the test is wrong? What if the test says the pill’s safe but it turns out to contain something dangerous or harmful, then the young person dies as a result of an incorrect test, would the government be liable?

“Gladys Berejiklian’s got to stick to her guns here. She’s right, it is rubbish, stop talking about it.”

But he condemns police treatment of festival-goers who are suspected of carrying drugs, after a woman told the inquest she’d been subjected to a degrading strip search after a sniffer dog wrongly indicated had drugs on her.

She says the female police officer told her she’d make the search ”nice and slow” if she didn’t tell her where she was hiding the drugs.

Alan says the way she was treated is completely unacceptable.

“Now seriously, what in God’s name is going on? We’re all opposed to drugs and we’re opposed to drug taking and trafficking. But there is certainly no way in the world that kind of behaviour can be condoned in order to find those who are guilty.”

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Former NSW government minister Pru Goward tells Alan pill testing isn’t the answer, and the only way forward is to invest in a public health campaign.

“It’s worked for many other issues, many other diseases. Why would we not start there?

“Why do we go to something that gets very close to saying drug use should be legal?”

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