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‘Still not good enough’: Michael Guider to remain locked up for an extra month

Notorious paedophile Michael Guider will remain in prison for at least another month for psychiatric assessment.

Guider, who drugged, molested and killed nine-year-old Sydney schoolgirl Samantha Knight, is due to be released from prison this week after serving his maximum sentence.

His manslaughter sentence will expire on June 6 but victims have been campaigning for his sentence to be extended.

The interim detention order will keep Guider behind bars for another 28 days.

Chantelle Daly was six-years-old when she was drugged, abused and photographed by Guider.

She tells Ben Fordham “it’s still not good enough”.

“It’s really, really, not fair that victims have to continue to suffer just because our law says that people who commit these crimes have certain rights.

“I don’t think they should have any rights to freedom at all.”

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