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‘Loving the homeless back to life’: Steve Price broadcasts live from Wayside Chapel

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In a special edition of The Steve Price Show, Steve is broadcasting live from the rooftop of Wayside Chapel to highlight the issue of homelessness in Australia.

Wayside Chapel in Potts Point, Sydney, is a safe place for people from all walks of life.

They provide low-cost meals and showers, as well as access to health and welfare services, for those who are struggling.

The issue of homelessness is one that is close to Steve’s heart.

“On any given night,” says Steve, “one in 200 Australians are homeless. That’s not good enough.”

CEO and Pastor of Wayside Chapel Jon Owen tells Steve that Wayside Chapel tries to get rid of the stigma surrounding homelessness.

“At the heart of it is our mission, which is about creating community, saying if we really want to address homelessness we’ll be looking at inequality but we’ll also be realising that the things that bring us together are far stronger than the things that divide us.

“We don’t need to talk about homelessness like it’s a problem that can never be sold.

“In fact, we’re a small country. We can address these problems.”

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Wayside Chapel was opened by Reverend Ted Noffs in 1964.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley tells Steve she has nothing but admiration for the reverend.

“Going back to that time, it was a big deal someone getting out of the pulpit, into the real world, getting their hands dirty with people on the streets.

“He was a visionary.

“Here’s someone who literally put themselves out there every single day in some of the most uncomfortable circumstances.”

She even tells Steve about how the reverend married her and her husband John at the first wedding ever held at the Sydney Opera House.

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Andrew Windsor used to be homeless but now he runs a number of tours in Kings Cross called Wayside Walks.

He tells Steve Price it was tough living on the streets, especially since he had an expensive drug habit.

“People tend to treat you like you’re not a human.

“The volunteers are the reason that I chose to turn my life around.

“Wayside is loving me back to life.”

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Rita Panahi tells Steve the term homelessness is broader than it used to be.

“Those definitions are changing a little bit from what most people understand to mean homeless.

“It is more expensive to live in Sydney. I think it’s easier to become homeless in Sydney.

“You miss a couple of paychecks… and you can find yourself not able to pay your rent.”

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Wayside’s community gardener Jon Kingston maintains the rooftop garden where Steve is broadcasting from.

He reveals they take saltwater from Bondi beach for some of their edible plants.

“Because it grows on salt marshes and we’re growing on freshwater here, we actually bring saltwater up from Bondi beach every couple of months.”

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