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Sophie Walsh on UK assault: ‘It seemed very calculated’

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Following over a year as Nine & 2GB’s European correspondent, Sophie Walsh has returned home and completed 2 weeks mandatory hotel quarantine.

Sophie praises the NSW Government proper handling of the hotel quarantine scheme, having only a single fleeting worry through the entire process.

“Then I got over it, because the bed was comfy,” Sophie says.

Recounting her time on the other side of the globe, Sophie details the unexpected attack caught on camera while reporting, and how she has conquered dark thoughts to continue living a normal life.

“I didn’t want to get into my head that I’m scared, or that someone at any point would come up behind me […] so I made a point to go for a run the next day,

“Being on the other side of the world, I had amazing support, but there’s nothing like a hug from your mum.”

Watch footage of the assault on Sophie.

Other memories include finding a surprisingly bad pub meal while reporting on the restoration of Salisbury Cathedral, a story which was hyped over many crosses with John. The story finally aired last weekend.

Watch Sophie Walsh’s coverage of Salisbury Cathedral being restored to its former glory.


Listen to the full interview with Sophie Walsh and John Stanley.

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