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Soft on bullies: School discipline proposal cuts suspension days in half

An overhaul of school discipline policies could see suspension days cut in half.

Under proposed changes to discipline policies for NSW public schools, the maximum suspension days will be cut from 20 to 10 days, with some concerned the new rules will go soft on bullies.

“Are the rules going too soft here?” said Deborah Knight.

“If you’ve got kids consistently dong the wrong thing, consistently disrupting the classroom; I mean should the focus be all on the offender here, what about the other kids who suffer?”

NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell told Deborah Knight that’s not the intention of the changes and they want to “get that balance right” whilst still ensuring “there is discipline” in schools.

“What I don’t want is for some of these kids who repeatedly get suspended, who end up in the criminal justice system from a very young age, and we know that has really long-term negative effects for them and for our community.”

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