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Socialist convention descends into politically correct ‘madness’

A video of a meeting of the largest socialist organisation in the US has shown just how crazy political correctness has become.

The clip of the Democratic Socialists of America convention in Georgia has been circulating online, showing delegates at loggerheads over the use of politically correct terms.

The meeting is interrupted several times, first by a delegate who asks the “guys” to stop chatting and whispering because he’s prone to “sensory overload” due to his anxiety.

Then another delegate angrily pipes up, complaining about the first delegate’s use of the word “guys” because it’s “gendered language”.

Several people in the clip are also shown to be waving ‘jazz hands’ rather than clapping.

Political commentator Peta Credlin tells Ben the whole clip is “just madness”.

“You cannot play that enough for me. That should be a Liberal Party ad at the next election. This is what happens if you let the extreme left organise and have their meetings.”

Former Labor senator Graham Richardson isn’t impressed either.

“There may be no clapping but there’s a lot of crapping.

“Honestly this is a joke. It can’t be serious.”

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