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Singo and Gerry Harvey are inviting you to lunch… but it comes at a cost

John Singleton and Gerry Harvey are inviting you to lunch but it’s going to cost a pretty penny.

Singo is hosting Grammy and Golden Globe winner Kris Kristofferson at his restaurant Saddles next month, where he’ll perform his most intimate show ever.

There’s room for just 100 guests at the exclusive lunch and concert on the NSW Central Coast but it’s not for everybody.

It costs $1000 a seat, a price tag which even has Singo’s billionaire best mate Gerry Harvey baulking.

“Whatever I’ve got on I’ll cancel. I’ll be there cause you’re paying [Ray],” Gerry laughs.

“Why wouldn’t I come?”

Ray, Singo and Gerry continued on with their usual antics, questioning whether the legendary actor and musician needs to fatten up.

Gerry: The last time I saw Kris Kristofferson, he looked like he needed a feed. He’s a very talented, skinny bloke.

Ray: He’s not destitute.

Singo: He might be listening, for Christ’s sake. Kris, Gerry’s joking.

The notoriously frugal retail giant went on to try pitch Ray and Singo a $5-million deal which was met with scoffs.

Click PLAY below to hear the hilarity… scroll to 4m57s to hear about the lunch

If you are interested in the Kris Kristofferson lunch and performance, email or call Hayley on 0414 522 695.

Image: Getty/Patrick Riviere