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‘The outcome will be good’: Mandy Burgess’ new hope for naming juvenile offenders

Mandy Burgess believes there is hope to change the law and name serious juvenile offenders when they reach adulthood.

The murder of Tania Burgess sparked The Ben Fordham Show campaign to allow childhood offenders to be named once they reach adulthood.

Currently, the names of all juvenile offenders are suppressed and never revealed, even after they turn 18.

In 2005, Tania was stabbed on her way home from the bus stop, by a 16-year-old who can only be identified as DL.

Tania’s parents Mandy and Chris heard their daughter’s screams and held her as she died a horrific death.

Tania’s parents have started a petition to name their daughter’s killer, receiving more than 100,000 signatures.

Mandy Burgess tells Ben Fordham she thinks the campaign is going well.

“If everyone can do their little bit… the more people we have, the more power we have.

“I know that the outcome will be good. There will be something positive from this that will happen.”

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You can sign the Burgess family petition HERE

To join Ben Fordham in making a submission to the Open Justice Review to prompt a change in the law click HERE


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