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‘Show respect’: Roads Minister issues message to motorists ahead of Slow Down, Move Over law

In just under a month, New South Wales Government will introduce the Slow Down, Move Over law which will force motorists to slow down to 40 km/h and leave extra room when passing emergency services.

Some are concerned the new law, which comes into place September 1, will cover police and firefighters but won’t protect roadside mechanics and good Samaritans.

Truck drivers are also worried motorists will break too quickly in a bid to do the right thing and will cause an accident.

NSW Roads Minister Melinda Pavey tells Ben Fordham she can understand the concerns and drivers need to be careful to slow their speed gradually.

“If motorists showed the right amount of respect all the time we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

“We’ve got to get that message out there that you’ve got to make that rear-view mirror your best friend.

“To make sure, if you’re going to slow down and you have an emergency vehicle in front of you, be sure that there isn’t a truck behind you that mightn’t be seeing what you can see.”

She says the law will be assessed after the first 12 months and then decisions will be made about whether to extend the rules to mechanics and good Samaritans.

Drivers who are caught not slowing down could face a three-demerit penalty and a fine over $400.

Ms Pavey is urging all drivers to show respect and reduce their speed when they see blue and red flashing lights.

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