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Should mental illness be included in life insurance policies?

Mental illness affects four million Australians, with mental health the number one reason people see their GPs.

It’s an issue affecting all of us, directly, or indirectly, through someone we know.

Yet it remains incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to get comprehensive life insurance cover if you suffer from a mental illness, with some companies flat out denying claims.

Many insurance companies even attempt to discourage people from seeking treatment by excluding services or denying cover.

SANE Australia CEO Jack Heath tells Chris Smith one of the issues is the lack of definition for mental health.

“Part of the challenge is that there’s no agreed standard.”

He says the industry needs to be more willing to assist people who are suffering.

“If you’re going through a difficult time, you want to go and get help, you want to go and get support, you want to get people to get their life back together.

“If insurance companies are getting in the way of people doing that… it’s a big issue because we’re actually discouraging people from seeking help.”

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