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Should former ice addicts have their criminal records wiped?

An inquiry into the use of the drug ice has heard from a former addict who is having trouble rejoining society because of his criminal record.

It’s prompted the question of whether those who have been rehabilitated should have their criminal records wiped so they can get a job more easily.

CEO of the Network of Alcohol & Other Drug Agencies Larry Pierce says he does sympathise with those who are making a genuine effort to rejoin society.

“There’s a sort of double jeopardy in play.

“They find themselves at a disadvantage because of their past when they’re going for jobs. So it’s kind of like you’re being punished for the entire rest of your life.”

But Victims Advocate Howard Brown tells Ben Fordham the suggestion simply isn’t feasible.

“I believe that the public have a right to know who they are dealing with at any given time.”

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