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Shooting ducks: Is Ray Hadley the prime suspect?

Ray Hadley has had a bit of a duck problem in his backyard pool and Ben Fordham wonders if he may have taken extreme measures to get rid of them.

A 72-year-old man has been charged after allegedly shooting at ducks in his backyard pool on the Central Coast.

Police say the man did not have a firearms license for an unregistered shotgun that he bought more than 20 years ago.

But Ben wants to know if it was Ray.

“I automatically thought there’s a chance that they’re talking about Ray Hadley,” he says.

Ray has been caught going to great lengths to rid himself of a duck problem in his pool.

His daughter Sarah has leaked footage of her Dad trying to stop ducks making a mess around the pool, with the help of toy crocodiles and plastic spikes.

But Ray insists it was not him as he doesn’t even live on the Central Coast.

“As much as I’d be tempted to do it, that would be highly irresponsible and illegal.

“What you need to do, Ben, is do what I’ve done, because I’m now celebrating 27 hours duck free.”

Ray reveals exactly what lengths he had to go to to get rid of the ducks.

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