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Shocking study finds Australians don’t believe texting while driving is dangerous

Deborah Knight

A disturbing new study shows the majority of motorists don’t believe texting while driving is dangerous. 

Data from The Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety highlights FOMO (fear of missing out) is a bigger concern for motorists than dying.

“It’s a major problem and there is absolutely no justification for the increase in the number of people dying on our roads,” says Deborah Knight.

Australian Road Safety Foundation Chief Executive Russell White tells Deborah “it’s very scary”.

“When you think of the level of distraction that using a mobile device has, it can range to making you twice to six times more likely to be involved in a crash.

“How the majority of people seem to think that it’s not a problem is a really alarming finding.”

Mr White says people have become addicted to their phones, an issue which can have “fatal consequences”.

“In many many cases, people are dealing with what is essentially an addiction… some people physically get to a stage where they can’t help themselves.

“We’ve been so conditioned to respond instantly. The moment we hear that ping, the moment we sense that vibration.

“The ramifications of taking your eyes off the road can have fatal consequences.”

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