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Shift to ‘real world’ skills part of major curriculum shake-up

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Children in NSW state schools could study fewer subjects and be taught “real world” skills as part of a proposed curriculum shake-up.

The state government has released an interim curriculum review suggesting education have a sharper focus on maths, English and science.

The report outlines reducing the amount of curriculum content to allow students to develop in-depth subject knowledge and develop the skills to apply knowledge “in the real world”.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian says she backs a “back-to-basics approach”.

Director of Adam Voigt Education Solutions and former principal Adam Voigt tells Steve Price this is what children need.

“They do need some of those basics in better detail, they do need some of these life skills and they need to leave as enthusiastic and capable learners so that they can learn on the job.

“The truth is, Steve, for a lot of our kids that are coming into education we have absolutely no idea what sort of jobs we are training them for, so we need to train them up to be good learners while they’re there as well.”

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