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‘She’s playing the Asian card’, Pauline Hanson calls out Penny Wong

One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson is describing Labor’s Penny Wong as a ”great actress” after an explosive outburst during Senate Estimates.

Ms Wong took offence to being told she was channelling the One Nation Leader during a tense parliamentary hearing.

Senator Penny Wong is being accused of playing the race card to make a point during a tense parliamentary hearing.

She demanded the government reveal how much influence One Nation has had over its company tax policy, to which Finance Minister Mathias Cormann retorted he was perplexed as to why Senator Wong was trying to “channel” Pauline Hanson.

Senator Wong was offended by the remark, given the One Nation leader has been critical of Asian migration.

But Senator Hanson tells Ben it’s “a load of bunkum”.

“I’ve seen her performance on the floor of parliament, she’s a great actress.

“She finds it offensive? What a load of hogwash.

“She’s playing the Asain card, she’s playing the female card and I’m sick and tired of it.”

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