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Ben takes aim at Labor Senator: ‘Penny, you are not a protected species’

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A debate about company tax cuts got heated today when Labor Senator Penny Wong fired up at Finance Minister Mathias Cormann.

The fiery exchange occurred in Senate Estimates when Minister Cormann suggested Senator Wong was “channeling” One Nation leader Pauline Hanson.

Senator Wong wasn’t happy, demanding a withdrawal of the comments.

“Don’t tell me I channel Pauline Hanson. I find that personally offensive.

“I can tell you what happened to me and my family and people like us when she stood up in the Parliament, possibly before you were here, saying Australia was in danger of being swamped by Asians.

“You should withdraw it.”

Mr Cormann was quick to say he didn’t mean to offend the Labor Senator but it fell on deaf ears.

“Quite simply, Penny Wong is wrong,” Ben Fordham says.

“Mathias Cormann was making a legitimate comment about Penny Wong channelling Pauline Hanson when the Labor Senator blatantly played the race card.

“She race shamed Mathias Cormann. And claims she couldn’t be likened to Pauline Hanson because she’s Asian.”

Ben is calling out the Labor Senator’s response as “poor form”.

“Penny, you are not a protected species. You’re one of 226 politicians who sit in parliament and everyone has to be tough enough to handle the heat.”

Senator Hanson has weighed into the outburst, telling Ben the comments were a “load of bunkum”.

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The Outsider Mark Latham has taken aim at the outburst, saying he finds it “pathetic”.

“I find it pathetic that someone like the Labor leader in the Senate would take so much so-called offence about identity issues.

“You say anything about Wong vaguely connected to the fact she’s a woman… vaguely connected to the fact she’s Asian, that’s the performance you get.

“Well, it’s the ultimate in snowflake culture. She should have a couple of teaspoons of cement and harden up.”

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