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‘She’ll need all her strength’: Ray Hadley predicts leadership spill

Ray Hadley believes we could be in for “a very big week in New South Wales state politics”.

He’s hinted the Premier’s leadership could come into question as several major issues come to a head.

Primarily, suggested amendments to the controversial abortion bill will go before the Upper House.

Ray tells listeners it’s critical those amendments pass for Gladys Berejiklian to retain the support of Liberal colleagues.

“I’m suggesting that there are people who aren’t too happy with Gladys Berejiklian, and she knows that, within her own party over the abortion bill and over some other decisions she’s taken recently.

“She’ll need all her strength to keep them at bay later in the week depending on what happens in the Upper House.

“If the Upper House amendments get through, no problems, she’ll continue on her path as Premier.

“But if they don’t get through, she could have a problem or two to confront later in the week. We’ll see what happens there.”

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