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‘She just doesn’t stop talking’: Peter Dutton takes on Kristina Keneally

Peter Dutton has taken a swipe at Kristina Keneally, saying the Labor frontbencher “demeans her own office” and “just doesn’t stop talking”.

Coalition politicians have labelled Senator Knneally “unhinged” after she tried to politicise recent mass shootings in the US.

Days after more than 30 people were murdered, Ms Keneally claimed the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), being held in Sydney this weekend, was trying to change Australia’s gun laws and was linked to the “alt-right”.

Mr Dutton tells Ray Hadley “Kristina Keneally’s words don’t mean much because she just doesn’t stop talking.”

“While she loves the sound of her own voice, I’m not sure other people do.

“You need to be serious, particularly in these portfolios.

“All of these cheap chatter in the background is more about Kristina Keneally and the need to be heard.

“She just demeans her own office, I think people see through it and it’s not even worth responding to some of the garbage that she puts out.”

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Mr Dutton says Labor needs to stop spruiking fear and start supporting the government’s attempts to strengthen Australia’s migration laws.

Under the changes, it would become easier to deport people convicted of a crime carrying a jail term of more than two years – including manslaughter and threatening violence.