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Sharks conservationists stirring up the water over drumline technology

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Conservationists are claiming new shark drumlines could actually make beaches more dangerous.

Advocates of non-lethal shark control measures gathered at the Shark Conservation Summit at Sydney University this week.

One of the measures examined was the new SMART drumlines the NSW government is currently testing following a successful trial on the state’s north and south coast.

Shark conservationists are worried these baited drums may end up attracting sharks, making beaches more dangerous.

The CEO of Ocean Guardian Lindsay Lyon tells Ben Fordham the drumlines may be more humane than previous nets but he’s questioning whether they actually deter sharks.

Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair disagrees, telling Ben, “we will not be doing anything that we think would be attracting sharks towards swimmers”.

“We’re not burleying up the water, we’re not turning or chumming it up… we have a mullet on a hook to catch those sharks.

“And the data is showing that they don’t like being caught, they don’t like coming back.

“I’m not in the game of fear… what I’m doing is investing to make our beaches safer and to reduce the risk.”

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