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Shark nets could be removed from our beaches

Michael McLaren

A Senate enquiry is recommending shark nets be phased out in NSW and Queensland.

An upper house committee has been looking into shark mitigation and deterrent measures in Australia and in a final report, claim the nets create a false sense of security for beachgoers.

NSW Primary Industries Minister and advocate for shark nets Niall Blair speaks with Michael McLaren.

“I’m pretty upset and insulted that the politicians out of Canberra who don’t put dollars into any of these measures, that weren’t around when communities on the north coast were reeling, come out and think they should have a say about what we do here in NSW.

“We’re investing tens of millions of dollars in new technology, new ways of doing business here and trying to support the communities.

“We’re not doing this from Canberra and telling people who to suck eggs in their own backyard.”

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