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Scott Morrison’s plan to make Australia ‘resilient’ to climate change

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The Prime Minister insists he’s taking action on climate change, outlining his plan to make the country “more resilient” to hotter conditions.

Scott Morrison has come under scrutiny over his handling of the bushfire crisis, with many accusing him of not doing enough to tackle climate change.

But the Prime Minister tells Ray Hadley he’s doing plenty to make sure Australia can handle hotter conditions.

“What is action on climate change? Building dams. What is action on climate change? Hazard reduction in these areas, it’s native vegetation management, it’s land-clearing laws.

“All of those things actually make you more resilient to longer, hotter, drier seasons. That’s what we’re going to face in the future.

“We’re taking action on climate change. We’re reducing emissions and there’d be many listeners who may think that’s not necessary, but you’re right to say whether [emissions] were twice as much or half as much, these fires would’ve occurred.”

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He also addressed the scandal involving Nationals deputy leader Bridget McKenzie, who has been accused of ‘pork-barrelling’ for her role in allocating $100 million in community sports grants.

An independent review found she overlooked certain projects, instead opting for those in marginal seats.

The Prime Minister has defended Senator McKenzie, saying she followed all the rules.

“There was not one project that was funded that was ineligible.”

He also refused to concede that more deserving organisations missed out as a result of her actions.

“These things are hard to judge,” he said.