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Scott Morrison says weaker exports have ‘taken shine’ off economic growth figures

Treasurer Scott Morrison concedes weaker exports have “taken the shine” off new economic growth figures.

Australia’s GDP rose by 0.4% in the three months to December.

It took last year’s annual growth to 2.4%, which is slightly lower than what The Reserve Bank of Australia had predicted.

Treasurer Morrison tells Ross Greenwood, the bigger picture is positive.

“I think they’re encouraging numbers.

“When you take the net exports position out of it, there’s some really strong signs of what’s happening on our economy.

“People are spending more, the wages bill is bigger, the private investment is picking up.”

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Ross Greenwood also speaks with Chief Economist for Commsec, Craig James.

“If we get some solid growth happening in the next quarter, the growth rate [will go] back up.”

“It’s our expectation that the economy will improve this year.

“We’ve got record-low interest rates, we’ve got more jobs being created.”

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