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We have a verdict: Scott Morrison becomes the nation’s 30th Prime Minister

Leadership Showdown
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Scott Morrison has won the contest for the Liberal leadership and has become the nation’s 30th prime minister.

As soon as the party room meeting began on Friday afternoon, members voted 45-40 in favour of a leadership ballot.

Malcolm Turnbull resigned his position, opening the contest up to three Liberal members vying for the top job.

Peter Dutton, Julie Bishop and Scott Morrison battled it out the leadership, with Ms Bishop eliminated in the first round of voting.

Scott Morrison emerged from the leadership contest victorious, winning 45 votes to 40.

The spill hasn’t been without controversy, with Malcolm Turnbull unloading explosive accusations in his final press conference.

He accused Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott of being involved in his downfall.

“The people… Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott and others, who chose to deliberately attack the government from within, they did so because they wanted to bring the government down, they wanted to bring my Prime Ministership down.”

He said Australians would be “appalled” by what’s occurred in Canberra this week.

Peter Dutton also spoke after losing the leadership ballot. He said he will “provide absolute loyalty” to Scott Morrison.

Mr Morrison was officially sworn in as Prime Minister on Friday evening, with Josh Frydenberg sworn in as deputy Liberal leader.

Drought, power prices and health care have been outlined as his key priorities.

Leadership Showdown