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Save time and money with the BP Plus fuel card

Article image for Save time and money with the BP Plus fuel card

Every business is always looking for ways to do things better, whether it be a little tweak to free up some time, a new tool that grants deeper insight or a fresh system to give more benefit over time.

A lot of businesses also have transport needs, costing time and money and not always being easy to track or manage.

Put these two facts together and a picture about why a fuel card could
be valuable for your business begins to become clear, but the actual rewards that come with a program like BP Plus might go further than you think.

Less effort

Time, attention and effort are the most valuable commodities you have and they are far from infinite resources. A fuel card helps ensure you spend them in the right place by taking the hard work out of managing your transport.

It gives one simple, clear way for all employees to pay for fuel. Without it, you could be forever giving employees cash or collecting receipts to reimburse them. Either way, that’s extra work you don’t need. The BP Plus online system is also especially helpful at tax time, automatically collating your monthly reports and simplifying the process.

More knowledge, more power

Of course, having all your transport costs streamlined into the same place gives incredible clarity, allowing you to more easily and effectively forecast costs and budget accordingly.

But fuel card programs like BP Plus offer even more advantages than that. Features like vehicle-specific cards and purchase limits provide even deeper detail and help minimise the event of mistakes or even fraud occurring, and the BPme for BP Plus app even lets you pay from the comfort of your car.

In short, it’s more control for no more effort.

Savings that add up

Right now, BP Plus is offering 6 cents off per litre until 2020 and up to 51 days interest-free credit. Even after 2020, you’re still set to save at least 2c per litre, every litre, when you fuel up.

Not only that, but BP Plus and similar programs also allow you to expand the card’s payments to cover other expenses such as a service and repairs, not just fuel. Joining also means you open yourself up to further deals, benefits, features and specials as they arise.

Altogether, it means ongoing savings for doing nothing more than taking the simple initial action required to sign up. It’s business as usual with added benefit – and which business doesn’t want that?

If you want to know more about BP Plus, find all the information here.

BP Plus fuel card