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Save our schooners: Industry lobbies for beer excise tax break

Alcohol and hospitality industry leaders are calling on the government for a tax break as they work towards economic recovery. 

More than 20 million schooners of beer have been poured down the drain since the pandemic began.

Restaurant and Catering Association CEO Wes Lambert told Deborah Knight cutting or freezing the alcohol excise duty would benefit hospitality venues and brewers alike.

“Ultimately any tax abatements and tax changes that can be made to help Australian businesses … would be applauded and welcomed.

“Currently, year over year, the accommodation of food industry is actually getting worse.

“These are our busiest months.”

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Publican Martin Short told Deborah an easing of restrictions “would mean the world”, as would tax relief.

He had to return a substantial amount of beer to the breweries when everything shut down, he said.

“[That] was a real bummer … what a waste.

“Anything that can help stimulate our industry and keep more people employed, and keep more businesses open … would contribute.”

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