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RSL Taxis banned from transporting veterans in the ANZAC Day parade

RSL Taxis have been banned from transporting veterans in Sydney’s Anzac Day march, while children have been banned from walking in the ACT’s parade.

The taxis, which have been supporting veterans for over 50 years, will be replaced by golf carts instead.

The NSW Taxi Council was informed of the change by the NSW RSL board late yesterday afternoon.

Ray has slammed the decision, saying it flies in the face of common decency.

“I can only assume the people making the decision were affected by some other substance.

“Reverse the decision. It’s stupid, it’s dumb.

“How are you going to get the veterans to the golf cart? What about the veterans in wheelchairs?”

Deputy CEO of the NSW Taxi Council Nick Abrahim tells Ray he’s horrified and is deeply concerned for veterans and families wanting to take part in the march.

“We’ve been transporting veterans to and from the march, we give them the opportunity to take part.

“This is one day of the year Ray that veterans look forward to.

“We are extremely horrified.”

The stupidity isn’t limited to Sydney, with RSL ACT banning children under 12 from walking alongside their grandparents.

They’ve also dropped the Canberra City Band, which has performed at the marches every year since 1948.

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