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Round two: Politicians face off live on-air after extraordinary question time blow-up

Two politicians have been forced to try and settle their difference live on-air after they hurled abuse at each other during Parliament question time today.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack and Labor frontbencher Joel Fitzgibbon hurled insults at each other in the extraordinary spray.

It all started when the Deputy PM was talking about tough times in the bush and Mr Fitzgibbon interjected with “but why don’t you do something?”.

The comment caused Mr McCormack to blow up in what Mr Fitzgibbon called “an unhinged attack”.

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While Ben Fordham decided to bring the two together to try and find a resolution, it seems there’s no love lost between the pair.

Joel Fitzgibbon: “You completely lost it in question time today when all I was interjecting with was ‘why don’t you actually do something?’ And you lost your sh** because-”

Michael McCormack: “Well there’s no need to swear, Joel-”

Joel Fitzgibbon: “You are under pressure- are you going to let me speak? – from rural communities because you have been exposed. They are coming to realise you have done bugger all for them with respect to this drought.”

Click PLAY below to hear the on-air face-off 

Image: Getty/Tracey Nearmy