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Rockhounds owner vows to fight for his shop after being forced to close

The owner of an opal shop at The Rocks has vowed to fight after being forced to shut down.

A number of retail stores in the area have been told to shut up shop, because they attract too many tourists.

Paul Hain, owner of one of those shops, tells Chris Smith he’s even offered to increase his rent to $255,000 per year, but to no avail.

“The shop next door, which is identical in size, pays half.”

Mr Hain vowed to fight for his right to stay in the area.

“This will be just the start of it.”

Chris was baffled by the contradiction at play.

“On one hand, we’re saying we want to do all we can to get tourists to Australia… and the next minute, we’ve got a Liberal government kicking out the Australians who attract them.”

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Chris Smith