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Roads Minister comes under fire after failing to respond to road toll crisis

Following the comments made by NSW Roads Minister Melinda Pavey last week, Mark Levy comes down hard on Ms Pavey, demanding answers on the road toll crisis.

Mark has continually called for tougher penalties on repeat offenders and drug drivers.

“393 people killed on the roads. 28 over the Christmas and New Year period. If that’s not a crisis, and if that isn’t a matter of national significance… I must be stupid.”

In response to the tragic news of Jessica Falkholt’s life support being turned off, the minister says “everyone in Australia has been moved by this terrible, terrible incident”.

“We have been spending hours with the government trying to get a sense of the best way forward.

“We do understand this has created great concern within the community because we all know, it could be us.”

Mark presses the minister to find out how long it will take for a solution to be put in place, telling Ms Pavey she has a chance to leave a legacy for the state of NSW.

“It’s not about me. It’s not about my legacy. It’s about doing the right thing in a measured and considered way.

“Rest assured Mark, this is taking enormous attention and enormous work from everybody to ensure we can give the community confidence that we are working towards better outcomes.”

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