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Rita Panahi criticises Kerryn Phelps for ‘unjustifiable’ use of taxpayers’ money

Rita Panahi has taken former MP Kerryn Phelps to task over her “unjustifiable” use of Commonwealth cars while she was in office.

It’s been revealed the former member for Wentworth spent $1460 on a Commonwealth car to ferry her around Sydney for a single day.

The COMCAR service, paid for by taxpayers, costs $117.60 an hour plus tolls.

It’s only supposed to be used when a parliamentarian could not “reasonably use” their private plated vehicle or the allowance received in lieu of such a vehicle.

Dr Phelps insists a review found all her travel-related expenses were compliant with the rules.

Rita Panahi tells Steve Price she shouldn’t be using the service unless there are absolutely no other options.

“I’m in Sydney every week and there seems to be very good taxis and public transport and all sorts of ways you can get around.

“She was a backbencher. She wasn’t a minister in the government. It really is an unjustifiable cost to me.”

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Image: Getty/Brook Mitchell