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‘Ridiculous in every sense’: Jim Molan tears down Clive Palmer’s latest lies

Retired Major General Jim Molan has taken apart Clive Palmer’s latest deceitful political ad.

The self-proclaimed billionaire businessman is bombarding Australians with TV, radio and billboard ads in a desperate attempt to return to politics.

His latest one claims communist China has access to an airport in Western Australia where it could launch a military “takeover of our country” and our resources.

The two-minute ad, posted on YouTube, sees retired Royal Australian Airforce squadron leader Martin Brewster warn of the impending invasion via a tiny regional airstrip 30km inland from the Port of Cape Preston.

“Australia could not repel military aircraft if they landed from carriers offshore.

“A superior military air force could, in effect, control all of Western Australia’s resources in the Pilbara and the North West Shelf gas reserves.”

But it turns out Mr Brewster is also Clive Palmer’s nephew and a former manager at Queensland Nickel which owes workers millions of dollars.

Senator Jim Molan tells Ray Hadley the claims have no basis in fact and are “ridiculous in every sense”.

“We’ve got half-truths, untruths and just straight out ignorance.

“I’ve done a lot of military exercises up there… and this is just ridiculous in every sense.

“The scenario that the squadron leader puts up is just quite silly.

“It is simplistic in the extreme and that annoys me.”

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