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Reverend Fred Nile describes abortion clinic protesters as ‘loving and caring’

Pro-Life groups are waiting to hear if a bill to enforce exclusion zones around abortion clinics will pass the NSW Lower House. 

A 150-metre safe zone has been proposed that will make it an offence to harass women or film patients without their consent outside abortion clinics.

President of the Christian Democratic Party Reverend Fred Nile joins Ben Fordham, hopinh the bill will be defeated.

“It’s a very totalitarian proposal.”

Reverend Nile is a regular to such protests, or as he calls them – vigils – and says the crowds aren’t abusive.

“They’re mostly women, Christian women, who are very loving and caring… there’s no bullying, no threatening”.

He claims they’re just asking the women if they want help and advice.

The Premier has given her MPs a conscience vote on the matter.

A result is expected this afternoon.

Full chat with Rev. Fred Nile below 

Image: Right To Life Australia