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Inquiry into road safety after record number deaths on NSW roads

More than 21 people have died on NSW roads over this Christmas period taking the toll to 388, the highest it’s been since 2009.

Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Anthony Albanese is calling for an inquiry into road safety.

He speaks with Ross Greenwood on what impacts these figures.

“There are three things that can impact on the road toll.

“One, of course, is new technology, and the big jump was when we introduced compulsory seatbelts, the second is rules and the third is driver behaviour.”

Following a number tragedies involving drivers with disqualified licenses, Mr Albanese says there should be national licenses to stop drivings who are disqualified in one state from obtaining a license in another.

“We actually have a crisis here. We have too many families that will remember Christmas forever because of the tragedy that has happened on the roads.

“These issues shouldn’t be party-political or partisan. This is about saving lives.”

Listen to the full interview below