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Ray presents massive cheque for a deserving cause

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Ray Hadley has been a long-time ambassador for the fight against Motor Neurone Disease, being led by Professor Dominic Rowe.

Every year, he gets together with Sony to release a CD raising funds towards finding a treatment or even a cure for the insidious disease.

Today, he and Sony Chairman Denis Handlin handed over the latest cheque, for $80,000, and with additional donations, the total amount passed $118,000.

Professor Rowe thanked Ray and Sony, insisting his team is making progress.

“We’re starting to get some breaks on this bugger.

“At Macquarie, we have 70 researchers working on this disease.

“We have one task, and that’s to become redundant.”

Last month Ray surprised the incredibly deserving Barrett family, who has been affected by MND, with tickets to Celine Dion.

Sony CEO Denis Handlin will personally pay for all five family members to attend the concert and tells Ray they’ll be in good hands.

“We will definitely look after them. It’s such an emotional story, it breaks your heart really.

“Celine is such a beautiful person herself, very philanthropic, she’d want us to rally to these people as well.”

Listen to the full announcement below 

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