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Ray Hadley’s new favourite ad has PC warriors squealing

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Ray Hadley’s new favourite ad almost didn’t get across the line, thanks to new PC standards.

The cheeky Australian Pork ad features Aussie comedian Kenny Graham, with a few double entendres thrown around.

Set in a doctor’s waiting room, Kenny’s character is told by his wife they need to “pork more often”.

“It’s just very funny. It’s a funny commercial!” Ray says.

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But it appears the advertising industry and some members of the public have completely lost their sense of humour.

The company behind the ad has been flooded with complaints and forced to defend airing the tongue-in-cheek clip.

Monty Noble from Noble Brands Worldwide tells Ray they’ve had to justify nearly every ad they’ve made for Australian Pork over the past decade.

“Slowly but surely, everything’s becoming more off-limits,” Monty says.

“I don’t think we’re fighting back as an industry enough in order to keep doing what we do best, which is promoting Australian brands and services.”

His comments come after the Daily Telegraph revealed the Australian Association of Nat­ional Advertisers is cracking down on “negative gender stereotypes”.

Under new rules, companies will be reprimanded for showing a woman with sole responsibility for cleaning or a father who’s bad at parenting.

Mark says if these kinds of standards continue, we’ll have the “blandest ads on earth” and Ray agrees.

“When it’s a funny ad with a couple of people having a bit of a joke and a double entendre… how would poor old Benny Hill go?

“Or Morecambe and Wise? They’d be banished for all time!”

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