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Ray Hadley tears into convicted cougher’s social media mockery

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Ray Hadley has torn into convicted police station cougher William West’s “absolute contempt” for the court system, and the magistrate who gave him a second chance.

21-year-old William West was yesterday found guilty and fined $550 for deliberately coughing on a 71-year-old police station employee in Coffs Harbour in March, claiming he had COVID-19 while doing so.

The incident was caught on camera, filmed by a female companion.

Magistrate Ian Rodgers rejected Mr West’s mental health appeal, but said his disadvantaged background would be taken into consideration during sentencing.

Despite the court hearing Mr West felt remorse for the crime, his social media posts suggest otherwise.

Ray Hadley uncovered a Facebook post made soon after the sentencing wherein Mr West brags about his light punishment.

“In other words, ‘I conned him, I got away with it, look at me – I’m not in jail’,” Ray described the post.

“Magistrate Rodgers … I know you’ve got a tough job to do, but you’ve been played for a mug,” Ray commented.

“This bloke has played you off a break.

“You have put your faith in a lowlife.”

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