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Ray Hadley slams police decision after man allegedly tried to set partner on fire

A man has been allowed back into the community despite being accused of allegedly dousing a woman in petrol and threatening to set her on fire in the NSW Southern Highlands.

A 32-year-old man allegedly doused his partner in petrol at a home in Moss Vale on August 15 and then allegedly tried to push her into several candles set up in the living room.

The following day the incident was reported to police and the man reportedly fled to Wollongong where he was interviewed by police and released.

An Apprehended Domestic Violence Order was issued and the man is due to appear in court in April next year over intimidation and assault charges.

The Ray Hadley Morning Show has spoken with the victim who is terrified and concerned.

Ray Hadley says the man should have been brought before a magistrate.

“I know where he should be, and it’s not roaming free!

“I sit here most days defending coppers. It’s a really tough job and sometimes they don’t get it right.

“Some copper has really dropped the ball on this one.”

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There is now an internal review into the matter as to why the officer in charge wasn’t contacted when the 32-year-old was arrested.