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Ray Hadley ‘sincerely apologises’ to the Prime Minister on-air

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Ray Hadley has apologised to Prime Minister Scott Morrison as Australia battles with the coronavirus crisis.

“A few years ago I had a blue with you and it was the subject of much publicity,” Ray Hadley said.

“I want to apologise, because I think you’ve proven since that time, particularly in this critical time, you’ll end up one of our great prime ministers.

“I think you have handled yourself with class, dignity and distinction and a level of energy I’ve rarely seen. So accept my sincere apologies.

“You’re a great prime minister and I appreciate your time today.”

“Thank you very much, Ray,” Mr Morrison said, “I appreciate that.”

In April 2017, Ray dumped the then Treasurer from their weekly chat after Mr Morrison stood him up by doing an interview with the ABC.

Click PLAY below to hear the full conversation (Skip to 19m 30secs for Ray’s apology)