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Ray Hadley reveals latest ‘bizarre’ plan to shut down greyhound racing

Ray Hadley has exposed yet another case of bureaucratic madness at the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission after horse meat came under scrutiny.

Ray has long fought for the greyhound racing industry, and has accused GWIC of trying to have the sport shut down “via stealth”.

“It’s about the fabric of our society.

“People were going to go broke, business were going to be shut down.”

GWIC CEO Judith Lind has declared feeding dogs meat from knackeries is “unacceptable and must stop” following a case of contamination.

Minister for Better Regulation Kevin Anderson told Ray Hadley he does not support the ban.

“Can someone explain this madness to me?” Ray said.

“She wants to shut down not just greyhound racing, but the pet food industry as well!”

NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham accused Ms Lind of acting “as a law unto herself”.

“It is quite unbelievable.

“You’ve got a bureaucrat who doesn’t even follow her own guidelines.”

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