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Ray Hadley reunites with the woman who broke a shocking tragedy

On the anniversary of the tragic death of Princess Diana, Ray Hadley has recalled the moment he broke the news on-air.

Ray told listeners the memory of the pivotal event has stayed with him since 1997.

“It was a remarkable set of circumstances. I have a memory of being on air … and reporting it, and stopping our football coverage.”

The Continuous Call Team crossed to then-BBC reporter Juanita Phillips in London for the breaking news.

23 years on from the tragedy, Ms Phillips recalled how she was woken by a call from a producer around 1:30am with the terrible news, and the “feeling of unreality” which followed.

“I actually thought I was dreaming, but I rushed to the TV, turned it on, and there it was,” she told Ray.

“Even though she was considered a troublemaker by the Royal Family, she was a very important figure, particularly for women.”

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