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Ray Hadley: ‘I don’t take kindly to threats’

Ray Hadley has a message for a company on the NSW Central Coast after receiving a threat to silence him.

The Ray Hadley Morning Show contacted the Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures about reports former general manager of Shelly Beach Golf Club, Craig Ellis, had been appointed CEO.

Mr Ellis was jailed in 2017 for tampering with evidence in a police investigation and banned from the club industry for life.

Ray’s team asked Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures to confirm whether they were aware of Mr Ellis’ past.

An unnamed man from the Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures cautioned Ray from digging further.

“In the 18 years I’ve been doing this program… never once have managers or owners come to me and said ‘you’re not to touch this story’.

“The person we spoke to… made a threat to us, indicating he would contact someone to have my coat pulled.

“Well, let me tell you, whoever you are… I don’t take kindly to threats.

“You can phone who you like, we’ve asked a simple question.

“Until we get a simple answer I’ll continue to voice my concerns about your organisation.”

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