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Ray Hadley demands crackdown on NSW quarantine rules after blatant breaches

Ray Hadley has slammed the “sheer stupidity” of people caught flagrantly failing to self-quarantine after returning from Victoria.

NSW police recently issued two people with Penalty Infringement Notices for failing to self-isolate as per their obligations under the Public Health Act.

The first was a 39-year-old woman who was granted a permit to travel from Victoria to NSW but was caught flouting the conditions on two different occasions.

“Police conducted a compliance check at the woman’s Redfern address … and found she was not at home,” said Ray Hadley.

“She returned home while police were at the address and was given a warning.

“At 2.30am the next morning … officers stopped a vehicle for a breath test … they immediately recognised the woman being the person who’d been warned hours earlier!”

The second incident involved a Victorian man in Temora, north of Wagga Wagga, who breached self-isolation restrictions by attending a local gym and pharmacy.

“I mean it’s getting to the stage we’re going to have to start housing these people in hotels and charging them for it … if you can’t trust them!”

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