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Ray Hadley criticises Wayne Bennett’s defence of Matthew Lodge

Ray Hadley has hit out at Wayne Bennett’s “mischievous” support of disgraced NRL player Matthew Lodge.

The Broncos coach has attacked the media for questioning Lodge’s inclusion in Brisbane’s season-opener against St George-Illawarra on Thursday.

“Well you all knew what was going on, we signed him six months ago, no one said much at the time.

“We’ve broken no rules, he’s broken no rules, he’s paid a price for what he’s done, we’re all moving on. Can you understand that? Life’s going on.

“On one hand you guys preach rehabillitation, well this guy’s rehabillitated himself.

“He’s got to get another opportunity in life and the game’s given that opportunity.

Ray has spoken out against the ‘super coach’, saying Matthew Lodge hasn’t done what’s needed to return to the NRL.

“I think that Wayne’s being a little mischievous in relation to this because obviously the reason Matt Lodge is back on the front page of newspapers is over the course of the weekend the CCTV vision became available.

“When you see it, as I hope Wayne Bennett has, it’s rather confronting that he punches this innocent man in the head. That’s why all of a sudden it’s become an issue again.

“He’s now saying he’s offered an apology, that’s been denied by the victims.

“There’s also the outstanding matter of a US$1.6-million settlement awarded by a court… he says he’s offered to settle it three times, the family denied there’s been any offer.

“So if you’re to make rehabilitation and retribution, part of that would be settling the differences with those people you offended against.”

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