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Ray Hadley calls out NSW Premier’s ‘serious error of judgement’

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Ray Hadley is calling out Glady’s Berejiklian’s wage freeze plan for public servants, whilst providing bureaucrats with a pay rise.

“I’ve supported premiers and prime minister’s on this program in dealing with very difficult issues in relation to COVID-19, but the Premier of New South Wales Gladys Berejiklian has a major problem,” Ray began.

“You’ve made a really serious error of judgement in giving the bureaucrats large [pay] increases, the most was 12.37 per cent, and then say to hundred of thousands of workers across the state ‘look, I’m sorry, we’ve got to give this to the bosses but you, the offal, you don’t get anything’.

“Last month, the same premier gave seven senior bureaucrats a [pay] increase.

“I’ve got to say to you Premier, you’ve done a sterling job through all of this, but this is a misstep.

“You cannot treat the bureaucrats any differently to the frontline workers.”

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