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Ray Hadley calls for MP to be sacked over breach of COVID-19 restrictions

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NSW Minister Don Harwin will be fined by police after breaching coronavirus restrictions, Ray Hadley has exclusively confirmed.

The Special Minister of State will be slapped with a thousand dollar fine after being caught red-handed staying at his $1.3 million holiday home on the Central Coast, ignoring repeated requests to avoid travelling to regional communities.

Ray Hadley alleges Mr Harwin’s powerful position in the state government has protected the MP from harsher punishment.

“I don’t think the Premier sneezes without checking with Don if it’s okay to pull a tissue out of the box.”

Ray accused the Minister of lying to the Daily Telegraph about isolating alone and omitting details of his travel to and from the luxury property.

He argues the punishment does not fit the crime for a member of government, and is calling on the Premier to show the disgraced MP the door.

“She thinks [NSW Police Commissioner] Mick Fuller fining him $1000… will make this go away. It won’t.

“This bloke is a trainwreck, and I would warn the Premier, very senior ministers inside your government are at tipping point.

“If we weren’t in the middle of the coronavirus you’d have a major problem on your hands.

“You need to step up, Gladys Berejiklian, and be tough.”

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